The following is based on a typical year, 2021-2022 may be different due to Covid restrictions. 

1) What is the MEMS Booster Club? Aren't boosters yearbook ads?

At MEMS, this is what we call our parent teacher group.

Just like at other schools we sell spiritwear, organize dances and many other fun events for the students.

Unlike the other schools in our district, we are not involved with the yearbook. At MEMS the yearbook is a club run by students and a faculty advisor. (FYI- they do NOT sell yearbook boosters/ads in the MEMS yearbook)

We will be holding monthly virtual meetings.  

See the MEMS Booster Calendar for schedule (Booster Calendar)

2) Why should I become a member of the MEMS Booster Club? Does joining mean I have to go to meetings and volunteer?

All of the money raised from membership dues goes to the students. The Booster Club pays for assemblies throughout the year, the agendas/planners all students receive, the 7th grade Fun Day and the 8th Grade Dance (and many other things)

We would LOVE for everyone to volunteer and come to meetings but completely understand that doesn't work for everyone's schedule. Becoming a Booster Club member doesn't require any commitment from you.

Join the Boosters today

3) When is 8th grade graduation? How many tickets do I get? But what if I need more tickets?

It is in the last few days of school but the date is NEVER finalized until end of March/April. 

Each student gets 3 tickets, no more, no matter what. If you NEED more, start asking other parents if they can spare a ticket for you

4)  When are physicals due? What sports are offered? When are tryouts? When are games? When is the sports banquet?

Check out the MEMS athletics page for more details. 

MEMS Athletics Page

5) What are the MEMS acticities?  

Check out the MEMS calendar, lots of non-sports events are listed there.

MEMS School Calendar

6) How do I find out my child's schedule? Grades? Report card?

Everything is posted on Genesis.  It is the same login for all MERS schools. If you don't have a login, contact the main office (732-786-2650)

MEMS Genesis Login

7) I've got my child's schedule, how do I read it?

There is a 7th grade community and 8th grade community that follow the same schedule (Zeta&Kappa, Delta&Sigma, Gamma&Lambda, Alpha&Omega, Beta&Theta). 

 "Per" shows the class period as DS-#, ZK-#, GL-#, etc this just indicates the 2 communities that follow that schedule. The number indicates which period that class meets


"Course" the list of all classes your student will take over the year.

"Sem" this indicates how long your student will be in that course

Your student will have Science for a semester and Social Studies for a semester (which semester is indicated by S1 or S2)

World language and PBL are also semester long courses. 7th graders have PBL in S1, world language in S2. 8th graders have world language in S1 and PBL in S2.

Each cycle meets for a 7 week quintmester and are indicated by F1-F5. 7th grade cycles are Computer Literacy, Art, Music, STEAM & STEMBotics 7th. 8th grade cycles are STEMBotics 8th, Art, Careers, Music & CSI:MEMS.

"Days" the school runs on a 6 day schedule (A-F). The current letter day is clearly posted in Genesis and around the school. You can figure out "future" letter days in Genesis by clicking "Attendance"->"Class Attendance"

Within the 6 days, your student will have Phys.Ed./Health 3 of the days and 1 integration period for each of the core classes -English, Math, Social Studies/Science (whichever they are taking that semester). There are 3 quarters of PE and 1 quarter of Health. 

There will be multiple classes listed with the same period but they will meet different days.

Abbreviations:FY=full year, S1=semester 1, S2=semester 2, F1-F5=quintmesters 1-5


8) What is MEMS delayed opening/half day schedule?

9) What is the procedure for morning drop-off? How do I pick my child up at the end of the school day?

Drop Off: If you need to drop off your child in the morning before school starts, the procedure is to drive to the end of the parking lot and have your child exit your vehicle near the gym doors and leave the area in an orderly manner. Please do not cut through the parking lot, drive around other cars in line or have your child exit the car anywhere besides the area in front of the gym doors.

See the attached video for an illustration on YouTube

Pick Up: If you want to pickup your child at the end of the school day, you need to send a note with them in the morning indicating they will be doing parent pickup that day. Your child needs to bring the note to the Main Office in the morning and will meet you in the Front lobby at the end of the school day. You will need to register in PassagePoint, park in the lot (not in front of the school where the busses park) and enter the Front lobby to signout your child.

10) What should I do if I'm dropping my child off late? What if I need to pickup my child early? How long do they need to be at school for it to count as a full day of attendance?

Late Drop Off: Drop your child off at the Main Entrance with a note indicating they are late. Your child will ring the buzzer, give the note at the Front lobby desk and receive a late slip. You do NOT need to enter the school to signin your child.

Early Pick Up: If you want to pickup your child BEFORE the end of the school day, you need to send a note with them in the morning indicating what time they will be picked up that day. Your child needs to bring the note to the Main Office in the morning and will receive an early dismissal note. They will meet you in the Front lobby at the requested time. You will need to register in PassagePoint and enter the Front lobby to signout your child.

The MEMS school day is 7:30 am to 1:50 pm. If your child arrives at school after 7:30 am but before 9:40 am, they are considered tardy. If they arrive after 9:40 am, they are considered half day absent.

If your child is at school since the start of the day and is dismissed before 11:40 am, they are considered half day absent. If they leave after 11:40 am, it is considered an early dismissal.

11) What is the attendance policy?

The officially policy is here  

12)  How do I find out about what’s going on at MEMS? My child said there is a meeting afterschool where can I find information? Why can’t I find anything about clubs on the school website?

At MEMS, students are treated like young adults and are expected to relay some information to parents. Between daily morning announcements, announcements by teachers and after-school activity advisors and coaches - your child will receive a lot of information that they need to share with you.

Some information is posted on the MEMS website or Google Classroom – but it isn’t guaranteed.

To make sure you receive information MEMS does distribute, you can register for notifications from the MEMS website to get the Backpack emails (instructions to register), join the Official MEMS Facebook page  (for parents of current MEMS students) and check the MEMS School calendar regularly

A few clubs and NJHS do have pages here


13) Marking Periods, Report cards, Grades and Honor Roll

There are 4 marking periods at MEMS.

Finalized report cards are available on Genesis approximately 2 weeks after the marking period ends. The grades from a cycle will only appear on the report card if the cycle is completed. The current cycle grade won’t be included. (There will be 2 cycle grades in the last report card)

Requirements for High Honor roll is all A’s with no more than two A-‘s in the marking period. For Honor roll it is A’s with no more than two B’s and no B-‘s in the marking period. The Honor roll indication usually doesn’t appear in Genesis until about a week after report cards are available. For marking periods 1 through 3, Honor roll certificates are distributed sometime after that (there are no certificates for marking period 4).  Each community distributes certificates differently so don't be surprised if others receive their certificates days before your child receives theirs.

Number to letter grade mapping:

A+          97-100                   A             94-96                     A-           90-93

B+           87-90                     B             84-86                     B-            80-83

C+           77-80                     C             74-76                     C-            70-73

D+          67-70                     D             64-66                    

F              64 and below


14) There's a page for 8th grade parents, it lists high school open houses, up-to-date graduation information and anything else you need to know as it is available. 

8th Grade Info (click on “pages” menu for items)

15) School Calendars

2020-2021 MERS Calendar

16) There is TONS of useful information in the MEMS Parent Student Handbook, please check it out

MEMS 2020-2021 Parent/Student Handbook

17) How do I order a yearbook? Did I miss the deadline?

 The yearbook is an afterschool club at MEMS, the Boosters have no involvement in yearbook sales

Yearbook Pre-ordering will be announced.

Tell your student to listen for announcement in June for opportunity to buy from the limited number of extras available (8th graders are given first chance to buy, then 7th graders)